Seven Sons Series - Thrilling NEW Multi Urban Fantasy Adventure Series

Seven Sons Series


Begin with Book One of ANY of the Seven Sons Worlds.  

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The stories all begin in the same timeline – in parallel. Just pick your favorite genre and immerse yourself.

What Is It All About?

Seven Sons is a New Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Action Adventure series.

Hunters, Shapeshifters and Vampires OUT NOW. 

Filled with adventure, strong characters and fantastic villains. 

A shared 4 dimensional world with multiple different series converging together: 

Hunters, Shifters, Fae, Vamps, Elves and Magic Wielders.

Fae Out Now

Blade of the Fae

Chasing after some tall tale of Finn’s, Tess is sent on a Queen’s errand—to satisfy the Queen’s lust for power.
Only the Stars know what this new quest might cost her. What will happen if she succeeds? What is the consequence of failure? Will she be exposed for who she really is?
Can she trust this swindler? Can she trust him not to vanish or double-cross her?
After all, it is her skin on the line too…

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Crown of Visions

In no man’s land, a dissident and a fugitive. It’s not a question of if but how the Dark Queen and Fae King will dispatch forces to hunt her down.
Will they understand she is not doing this for herself?
Being an outlaw is new to Tessa, the queen’s right hand, but not to Finn, Tessa’s companion. Finn is an unknown quantity—still a rogue.
He stands with her now, but how long might it be before he cashes in?

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Mages Out Now

The Lost Tower

If she chooses to try the impossible, will she survive? Or will those who want her gone get what their hearts desire?
Persephone may be reckless, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have what it takes when she needs to dig deep.

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Elves Out Now

The Emerald Assassin

When the land of Vitan needs a savior, one will be born…
Unfortunately, Riette’s people don’t recognize her as the savior—they believe she just has an anger problem.

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Sea Green Siren

Riette has always been an elven badass.
But a flame-wielding one with a Siren song playing on repeat in her head?
THAT’s something new.

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Teal Temptress

A cursed book, a web of spells, and magic she can’t control are more trouble than Riette needs.

Unfortunately, there’s a powerful blonde mage who wants her powers too

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Jade Beauty

Will Riette save the land, only to lose her heart? Or will she gain what her heart desires at the cost of her land in the process?

Can she possibly have both?

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Vampires Out Now

Bad Moon Rising

First rule of Hunting: Never Hunt Alone.

Unless you happen to be the trueborn daughter of Kayne, the original vampire and creator of their species.

Is Aislinn prepared for what is coming? A Bad Moon is rising…

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The Red Circle

Dark magic. Blood. Alchemy.
Aislinn was reborn a vampire to bring her human sister’s murderers to justice, but it’s proving harder than she thought.

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Black Magic

Will Aislinn’s discoveries reveal the supernatural agents plotting to destroy them all? Will these revelations gain her the full measure of revenge and finally sate her blood rage?
And if so, what will it cost her?

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Blood Rage Retribution

Black Magic is still a danger to her species. And unprecedented events from the other realms are disrupting the fabric of the Vampire world.
But the real threat to their future is yet to be revealed.
Can Aislinn protect her own?

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Shapeshifters Out Now

The Golden Claw

Seeking companionship, the lonely First Shifter gave some wolves souls and minds.

Disappointed with his creation, he disappeared, leaving humanity vulnerable to animals who could hide among them.

Some chose coexistence; others chose violence.

Thousands of years later, none of that matters to stubborn Mina. With her Rite of Passage coming up, she’s more concerned about convincing the skeptical wolves of her clan she’s worthy of respect than she is about interspecies politics.

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Fang And Claw

It was difficult for Mina to be a pariah in her clan; now it’s harder not to be.

Still reeling from the brutal attack during her Rite of Passage, Mina can’t find a pack to join that feels right for her. Will the clan elders continue to tolerate her lone-wolf act?

What enemies hide in the shadows, waiting for their chance to strike?

But can she find out before it’s too late?

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For The Pack

Enemies surround Mina but so do friends.

In the aftermath of the brutal True Breed battle, a more relaxed Mina remains packless, to the chagrin of the clan elders. With an epic clan competition looming, she’s determined to prove she’s stronger, faster, and smarter than an entire pack.

With an impossible choice before her, can Mina figure out how to outwit her enemies and save her friend?

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Collar And Chain

Mina has sacrificed her freedom to save her friend, but that might not be enough to save her clan.

The machinations of the faeries have been revealed finally, and Mina hoped her decision would spare her friends and clan from further suffering.

Will Mina be able to defy her destiny?

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The Angry Guest

The Final book in the Shape Shifters series by K.A. Faul.
A gilded cage is still a prison!

Will Mina’s fortunes improve in the Seelie Court? She survived the Dark Queen’s Unseelie death matches and cruel machinations only to be handed over to King Kailen.

Now what; she is still a captive – where does she turn, where might her deliverance come from?

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Hunters Out NOW

Kelly Hall’s The Immortal Huntress Series is Killing It!

The Immortal Huntress

Available Amazon KU

There has been unrest since the beginning of time.
And there should be. Demons, Vampires, Wolves and Mages roam the earth.
Commissioned thousands of years before, Rebekah, the Immortal Huntress was charged with maintaining peace and ridding the world of these unholy beings.

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Fellowship of Hunters

Rebekah and Ignis return to the academy to face new challenges as the Church demands she prove her loyalty to them.
It’s that, or the Fellowship of the Hunters might fall apart.
Will loyalty and honor prove strong enough, or will Rebekah’s own actions with the enemy be too much to forgive?

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The Fall Of The Fellowship

Facing the impossible task of going after Kayne, can she prove to her friends and the Fellowship that her actions are for the greater good?
Will Rebekah succeed in pulling together her team in time, or will the Church take away all that she has fought for over the last thousand years?

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The Prophecy of Hope

Will Rebekah ask for Kayne’s help to save a friend? Can she convince her hunters that it is the right thing to do? Or will it hurt her relationship with the Fellowship even more?
While their defenses are down, it’s the perfect time for an enemy to strike. Will all be lost when Rebekah and the person she once trusted must face off?

Grab your copy Exclusively on Amazon / KU

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Rise Of The Hunters

Rebekah is picking up the pieces of her broken home while secrets surface about everyone’s beloved mage.

With Kayne making good on his promise to take Liam to safety, it’s only a matter of time before he comes to collect. 

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Our Publishing Partners ...

The Seven Sons Series is a production BrixBaxter Publishing.

Laurie Starkey

Creator, Co-Publisher and Co-Author

Laurie Starkey is an author, publisher and digital nomad. She started writing YA fantasy five years ago when she began her indie journey. About that time, she co-founded BrixBaxter Publishing with Alain Brix-Nielsen, which is a small indie publishing house.

She’s built ten pen names over the last five years, including LA Starkey, Ali & Weston Parker in romance, WL Knightly in Mystery/Suspense and BK Baxter in Cozy mystery.

Traveling the US with her hubs (and bff) and teen son keep life interesting and her heart light. She is the co-creator of the Seven Sons Universe (IP) and the co-publisher along side Alain for the multi-universe 56 book series released in 2019.

With a food stamps to six figures story, she’ll be moving into non-fiction and podcasting in 2019 to help other indies on their journey, as well as female entrepreneurs in their businesses.

Laurie can be found at

Alain Brix-Nielsen

Co-Publisher Partner

2015 I met (virtually) with an aspiring Indie Author (Laurie). We worked together on a number of promotional opportunities to reach and engage a wider audience for Indie Authors.

The partnership worked well – so well that we thought that we should cement it is an actual ‘partnership’. And, Tah Dah, BrixBaxter Publishing was born.

We are still kicking on with this project and are now partnering with LMBPM (Michael and his crew) in an unbelievable exciting project presenting the Seven Sons Series to the world.

It is just pure happenstance that we all share an equal amount of ‘crazy’ and ‘drive’ that makes this new team gell so well.

Don’t get me started on the authors and the Behind The Scenes Team! Let me just sum it up with – Blessed.

Cannot wait for you all to see what is in store for you.


& our Behind The Scenes Team

We gotta say that we have an absolutely wonderful team of people behind the scenes. We would not be able to present such a project as this without their professionalism and support.

They have asked, however, to remain behind the scenes. Should they say it is OK to pop their profiles up, we will do so in a heartbeat – super proud of them 🙂

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