Ellie Margot - Lead Author of the Elves in the Seven Sons Series

Ellie Margot

About the Author

Ellie Margot is a writer, a binger of very particular TV shows, and a collector of souls and half truths, some of which are exhibited here. 

She writes under the Elves wing of the 7 Sons series and likes it when romance works its way into genres where it doesn’t normally belong. Horror and thriller, she may or may not be looking at you.  

Ellie writes contemporary romance under a pen name and has all other genres in the works. 

If you want to know when Ellie’s next book will come out, please visit her website at www.elliemargot.com where you can sign up to receive an email announcing her next release.

The Emerald Assassin

When the land of Vitan needs a savior, one will be born…
Unfortunately, Riette’s people don’t recognize her as the savior—they believe she just has an anger problem.

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Sea Green Siren

Riette has always been an elven badass.
But a flame-wielding one with a Siren song playing on repeat in her head?
THAT’s something new.

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Teal Temptress

A cursed book, a web of spells, and magic she can’t control are more trouble than Riette needs.

Unfortunately, there’s a powerful blonde mage who wants her powers too

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Jade Beauty

Will Riette save the land, only to lose her heart? Or will she gain what her heart desires at the cost of her land in the process?

Can she possibly have both?

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Interview With Ellie Margot

Ellie Margot is our lead author on the Elves project within the Seven Sons Series. 

Join Laurie Starkey discussing her involvement with this exciting project and her journey as an Indie Author. Enjoy!

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