K.A. Faul is BrixBaxter's Lead Author of the Shifters in the Seven Sons Series

K.A. Faul

About the Author

K.A. Faul is still figuring out what he wants to be when he grows up, or at least before he dies. After years of exploring careers, including intelligence analysis, programming, and research science, he settled on sharing engaging stories and is now a fulltime author. 

Though K.A. and his family are still figuring out where they want to settle, they currently live in the scorched lands of central Arizona along with their pet sun conure.

K.A. Faul's Books

The Golden Claw

Seeking companionship, the lonely First Shifter gave some wolves souls and minds.

Disappointed with his creation, he disappeared, leaving humanity vulnerable to animals who could hide among them.

Some chose coexistence; others chose violence.

Thousands of years later, none of that matters to stubborn Mina. With her Rite of Passage coming up, she’s more concerned about convincing the skeptical wolves of her clan she’s worthy of respect than she is about interspecies politics.

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Fang And Claw

It was difficult for Mina to be a pariah in her clan; now it’s harder not to be.

Still reeling from the brutal attack during her Rite of Passage, Mina can’t find a pack to join that feels right for her. Will the clan elders continue to tolerate her lone-wolf act?

What enemies hide in the shadows, waiting for their chance to strike?

But can she find out before it’s too late?

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For The Pack

Enemies surround Mina but so do friends.

In the aftermath of the brutal True Breed battle, a more relaxed Mina remains packless, to the chagrin of the clan elders. With an epic clan competition looming, she’s determined to prove she’s stronger, faster, and smarter than an entire pack.

With an impossible choice before her, can Mina figure out how to outwit her enemies and save her friend?

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Collar And Chain

Mina has sacrificed her freedom to save her friend, but that might not be enough to save her clan.

The machinations of the faeries have been revealed finally, and Mina hoped her decision would spare her friends and clan from further suffering.

Will Mina be able to defy her destiny?

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The Angry Guest

The Final book in the Shape Shifters series by K.A. Faul.
A gilded cage is still a prison!

Will Mina’s fortunes improve in the Seelie Court? She survived the Dark Queen’s Unseelie death matches and cruel machinations only to be handed over to King Kailen.

Now what; she is still a captive – where does she turn, where might her deliverance come from?

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Interview With K.A. Faul

K.A. Faul introduces his series, the world of Shifters, of the Seven Sons Series.

Find out a bit more about his journey as an Indie Author and how he found his way to the Seven Sons Series project.

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