Kelly Hall is BrixBaxter's Lead Author for the Hunters in the Seven Sons Series

Kelly Hall

About the Author

Kelly Hall was born and raised in a small town in Southeast Texas where she lives with her husband and two sons. When she’s not busy working as a full-time writer, this self-proclaimed creative junkie can be found dabbling in many forms of art, including cake decorating and mixed media.

Kelly Hall's Books

The Immortal Huntress

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There has been unrest since the beginning of time.
And there should be. Demons, Vampires, Wolves and Mages roam the earth.
Commissioned thousands of years before, Rebekah, the Immortal Huntress was charged with maintaining peace and ridding the world of these unholy beings.

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Fellowship of Hunters

Rebekah and Ignis return to the academy to face new challenges as the Church demands she prove her loyalty to them.
It’s that, or the Fellowship of the Hunters might fall apart.
Will loyalty and honor prove strong enough, or will Rebekah’s own actions with the enemy be too much to forgive?

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The Fall Of The Fellowship

Facing the impossible task of going after Kayne, can she prove to her friends and the Fellowship that her actions are for the greater good?
Will Rebekah succeed in pulling together her team in time, or will the Church take away all that she has fought for over the last thousand years?

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The Prophecy of Hope

Will Rebekah ask for Kayne’s help to save a friend? Can she convince her hunters that it is the right thing to do? Or will it hurt her relationship with the Fellowship even more?
While their defenses are down, it’s the perfect time for an enemy to strike. Will all be lost when Rebekah and the person she once trusted must face off?

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Rise Of The Hunters

Rebekah is picking up the pieces of her broken home while secrets surface about everyone’s beloved mage.

With Kayne making good on his promise to take Liam to safety, it’s only a matter of time before he comes to collect. 

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Interview with Kelly Hall

Kelly Hall, the writer for our Hunters line. She’s discussing her exciting new series and talking about her Indie Journey!

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