Black Magic: A Seven Sons Novel by DB Nielsen

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Black Magic

A Vampire Action Adventure Urban Fantasy Novel

Drugged, bound and bled. Whose bright idea was this?

Aislinn’s last encounter with the Druids didn’t exactly go the way she had planned. Her opportunity for revenge was lost. And the opportunity to have her sister back from the dead is gone…

But a greater peril is looming, and it threatens to consume them all.

Black Magic.

With the Atum Council dismissing the danger to their species, Aislinn must find the proof to convince them to act.

But with the unleashing of dark magic and the corruption of ancient vampire blood, her search takes on a terrifying urgency.

Will Aislinn’s discoveries reveal the supernatural agents plotting to destroy them all? Will these revelations gain her the full measure of revenge and finally sate her blood rage?

And if so, what will it cost her? Get up, go up and click READ NOW to find out.

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