Collar And Chain by K.A. Faul

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Collar And Chain

Mina has sacrificed her freedom to save her friend, but that might not be enough to save her clan.

The machinations of the faeries have been revealed finally, and Mina hoped her decision would spare her friends and clan from further suffering.

Golden Oaks empties out as the Golden Claw wolves prepare for a war that seems inevitable.

With a pack no longer an option, Mina’s determined to prove she can still aid her clan, even if it means facing off against a new, dangerous enemy.

Knowing someone’s going to attack you isn’t the same as knowing when or where.

Mina thought she was prepared for what the faeries planned, but their scheme will push her to her breaking point. The young werewolf will face a fight for not only her life, but her very soul.

Will Mina be able to defy her destiny?

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