Crown of Visions: A Seven Sons Novel

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Crown of Visions

In no-mans-land, a dissident and a fugitive. It’s not a question of if but how the Dark Queen and Fae King will dispatch forces to hunt her down. 

Will they understand she is not doing this for herself?

Being an outlaw is new to Tessa, the queen’s right hand, but not to Finn, Tessa’s companion. Finn is an unknown quantity—still a rogue.

He stands with her now, but how long might it be before he cashes in? 

The King and Queen would pay handsomely for her capture.

On the eve of the Hundred Years Ball, timing simply could not possibly be any worse. All Fae are compelled to attend, and they will be in the thick of it—amongst every agent of both Courts.

Is this the moment her quest ends, or can Tessa and Finn successfully navigate the dangers?

Are they really doing this for the good of the Fae? 

Their pursuit has come at a high price for them both. Friends and family are at risk, and they have seemingly forfeited any chance of returning home.

What other choice do they have?

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