Fang and Claw: The Golden Claw Book Two - Seven Sons Series by K.A. Faul

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Fang And Claw

It was difficult for Mina to be a pariah in her clan; now it’s harder not to be.

Still reeling from the brutal attack during her Rite of Passage, Mina can’t find a pack to join that feels right for her. Will the clan elders continue to tolerate her lone-wolf act?

How can Mina fight against magic she can’t even begin to understand?

Convinced of a plot against her clan, Mina decides it’s time to make some hard choices, even it means risking her own life.

What enemies hide in the shadows, waiting for their chance to strike?

In a world with so many supernatural creatures in hiding, a young werewolf can never know what might be threatening her.

But can she find out before it’s too late?

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