R.A. Rock - Seven Sons Series Introduction Video

R.A. Rock – Seven Sons Series Introduction Video

Let’s get to know R. A. Rock, the co-creator of our Fae line. She’s walking us through what it’s like to be an indie—where she started and where she’s going—and talking a little about her favorite character in her new book!

Seven Sons is a new fantasy, urban-fantasy, and paranormal story world releasing on Amazon in KU in January 2019.

About the Author:

A Word from R. A. Rock:

When I was in grade two, my well-meaning teacher told me that I overused the word “nice” in my writing. As you can imagine, my younger self was both irritated and insulted. Somehow, my eight-year-old brain thought that “nice” was the perfect adjective to describe… well, just about everything, I suppose. And anyways, who was she to tell me how to write? If I wanted to use the word “nice”, I was darn well going to use it.

Fast-forward thirty-three years, and my stories are anything but nice, perhaps in reaction to that very first criticism. I like to write about what people do when terrible things occur. Hmm. What would these characters do if the worst thing they can possibly imagine happened? Let’s put them in that situation and see.

I love magic and mystery, action and adventure, fight scenes, and heart-wrenching moments, too. And I’m all about taking the reader along for the ride. So, I hope you’ll come along on this magical adventure. I can’t wait to see where it leads! (I hope it’s someplace nice.)

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