Rise Of The Hunters by Kelly Hall

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Rise Of The Hunters

Rebekah is picking up the pieces of her broken home while secrets surface about everyone’s beloved mage.

With Kayne making good on his promise to take Liam to safety, it’s only a matter of time before he comes to collect.

But when Rebekah finds that Liam has been given to Fiona, will it mean all bets are off?

There is a book that can answer Rebekah’s questions about her life. There is only one problem. It’s written in the Angelic language.

And Aziel is paying for disobeying Michael.

Rebekah still has more than one enemy to destroy. Can she depend on her support, or will the uprising of the Fellowship destroy everything she has worked so hard to accomplish?

Will Rebekah accomplish this task, or will the world implode?  Read now and find out!

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